An intricately simple puzzle.

I read it as part of a pinterest post. And it stuck. How can anything be intricate and yet simple? But that is the case with everything if you come to think about it. Everything in life is intricate until we get most of the pieces and after that the complexity turns into beauty and then that accidental beauty further puzzles us. The little pieces that fall into our hands now and then seem so insignificant but put it in the puzzle and behold! We don’t see it coming. The complexity of the puzzle interests us but to what extent? If it goes beyond a point we drop it. Our lives are a special type of puzzle. You can’t leave it if we don’t understand the pieces and neither can we understand the pieces most of the time. So what do we do? We live with the pieces and enjoy the beauty in every piece and slowly at the right time we put the piece in its right place. We all are pieces in the world’s biggest puzzle. A small but significant piece that cannot be replaced. Remember that when you feel small. When you feel irrelevant. We are the intricate pieces in this simple world. Or is it the other way around?



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