Pretentious world and my take on it.

Pretentious little people, all of us. Under our hooded eyes, and unsmiling lips we all are pretending to be someone we are not. Why? After all, how hard could it be to bring out the real you. Well, lets just say VERY considering we can’t be unpretentious even when we are by ourselves in front of the mirror. When we are so afraid of accepting what we are our self, how will we ever have the courage to remove the mask and show the world our true face. Its tough to accept ones flaws and quirks especially in today’s world where every little difference is frowned upon. How can one be sure that the little insignificant insecurity that slipped out of our carefully curated box will not end up being our downfall in the social circle. Well, it could go the other way too but who would like to take the risk? We see that decision ruining lives everyday and god forbid we think positive about ones own self. So we chose to pretend. Pretend as long as we can and after that turn around and walk away. So we pretend to laugh on jokes we don’t understand, smile at faces we don’t like and look down upon people that we may actually like. But can you imagine a time where we won’t have to pretend? A world where there are no masks and no pretending. A world full of real thoughts, true relations and genuine smiles. A world full of fresh air and peace. Who is to say that world is far away though?


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