Creatures of darkness.

As kids, we enjoy the sun. We loved going out with our friends and play to our hearts desire. We used to wait eagerly for summer vacations to start so that we could leave the bustling cities for the silence of our ancestral homes. We enjoyed the light that filled us with hope and wonder and joy. As we grow, we tend to somehow lose this interest in the light. I don’t mean we all become dark and brooding, though that is the path some of us chose. I, for one, like the sun as much as any other person of my age group. When planning for picnics or trips to the beach, we beg the sun to keep shining. And sun is a must for those sunkissed selfies. But would we want to sun to be blazing when we suffer a hangover? Would we want the sun to shine its glory on us when we are on the streets shopping? No. We would pray for the clouds to cover the sun! We don’t realize it, but we tend to lean towards darkness as we mature. Both literally and figuratively. We enjoy the nights, the darkness, and the comfort of the dim surroundings when we are not being scrutinized. We are up till the wee hours of early morning tapping away on our screens of varying sizes. As night falls, the digital world lights up brighter than the afternoon sun. Ideas, thoughts and feelings are shared in the cover of the darkness and not when the sun is blazing.

As far as the figurative darkness is concerned, the current state of our world is a prime example. All everybody thinks about is how to hurt and destroy others so that they may come out on top, never thinking of ways where they could all win something. Wars are being fought and schools are being attacked to prove a point- who is more powerful. Even the ways to express opinions have become sinister. Long gone are the days when a dislike for something meant avoiding it. Now, if somebody has a problem with an idea, the idea should be destroyed and not the problem with it.

A time and age as advanced as ours is being pulled back by these creatures of darkness that will do nothing but bury progressive ideas and if needed the people who believe in these ideas. It’s time to embrace the light that we once enjoyed as kids. It’s time to step out of the darkness and let light in. It’s time to stand up and be a creature of light.



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