vicious sympathy cycle.

Everybody tells you to sympathize with those who are not as fortunate as you. Who are not as lucky as you or as full as you. But who are we supposed to show this sympathy to? Who in the face of this world is content? Who is ready to accept the fact that what they have is enough? Who would dare say in this world that they don’t want anything else from life?  The billionaire who lost his son. The little girl who lost her family. The father who has no food on the table. The broken family throwing a feast. Everybody is more unfortunate than a certain someone. All people want from others most of the times is sympathy. Why? Because they wan’t others to go easy on them. For others to take up their own responsibilities. And why shouldn’t they? They are more fortunate than us they might as well earn it, never stopping to think that maybe, just maybe they are working hard to achieve what they do. And those with real fiber, with real hardships who deserve real sympathy, never accept these sympathies. So no, the next time somebody asks me to be nice to someone, to sympathize with the supposedly unfortunate fellow human, I won’t do it blindly because there is a chance they are in that position because of their own choices. I will take my sympathy and turn it into good words for those who are working hard to get out their apparently unfortunate life to be a part of the fortunate few. And hope that one day the vicious cycle of sympathizing for the unfortunate breaks when there are no more unfortunate people in the world.



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