No more permissions.

I belong to the youth of this world. The GenX. We are often credited for being rebellious, for not giving heed to what we are being told to do. We are known to go out of our ways and do things that we are specifically not allowed to. Why is it? In my personal case, when somebody restricts me to do something without a logical reason, I take it as a personal challenge to do exactly that. It’s a common feeling that is present in everybody. And let me ask a simple question, what good are restrictions if they pull us back from improving as a society. Women are restricted from driving, from showing their faces, and in some areas, from working. Kids are restricted to fraternize with a certain group. People are not permitted, legally might I add, to embrace their sexuality, to choose whom they want to spend their life with. We are not even allowed to love on our own terms.

All the outrages that we see nowadays from people of the so called young generation are born from only one emotion- the barriers on how to live life. I’m not saying that women should be forced to drive or all of them should go around wearing dresses. It’s a personal choice. I’m not saying that kids should be going out with wrong influences. They shouldn’t be in trouble. But nobody has the right to stop us from doing any of the above mentioned. We should be allowed to choose the terms on which we want to live our lives. We shouldn’t be asking for permission to do what we wish with our lives. A young man was beheaded in front of his parents because he loved a girl from another community, who wasn’t allowed to love the boy. Women all over the world are fighting for equality. People are protesting to be allowed to choose their sexuality and partners. All of this might have been okay in the past, but times have changed.

We live in the 21st century now. World is moving ahead with a progress rate that is exponential. Will it do, to be so advanced scientifically and yet we remain in the 18th century with our ideologies. Men, and women might I add, have traveled to space and back and our thoughts still remain where they were decades ago. Let’s not destroy lives with these boundaries. Let’s break the restrictions and soar.




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