Lecture- The forecast of life

We all have been lectured at a point in our lives. Our parents who constantly lecture us about what we are doing wrong have got their fare share earlier in life. My father usually says that the reason he lectures me about anything is because he didn’t get any in his younger times. According to him, had he received a nice lecture, he would have been at a different place. So what are we going to do in our age? We will too lecture our kids about anything and everything that they do wrong in our eyes. Is it a bad thing though? In between many of my father’s lectures, I have found some rare gems of wisdom. And if each of us looks back at every time any of us got a good shakedown, every one of us will find something or the other. So yes, even though I hate being at the receiving end of it, I think it is necessary to keep us all in check. The biggest reason they do it is because they don’t want us to repeat a mistake they made. And if you come to think of it, aren’t they right? We do it with our friends even now, don’t we? If we see our friend making a mistake we made, we make sure to point it out. At least I do. So how can we expect our parents to not give us one? So the next time, when you receive a lecture, not only from your parents but from anyone more experienced, then I suggest you lend an ear. After all, life is the biggest teacher and what better teacher than a life well lived like our parents and isn’t it the duty of teachers to give lectures?



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