A late ode to Saint Valentine.

It’s that time of the year again. The time to celebrate love. A week out of 365 days where we lay bare our souls. A day where we congregate to either commend or criticize our relationship status. We spend time, money and efforts to show our beloved partner just how much they mean to us. I have never understood people who are critical about celebrating a special day. There is always that certain someone who would say that love shouldn’t be celebrated on just one day. Tell me dear friend, who told you that celebrating love one day stops you from doing it on every other day?

The idea of celebrating valentines is not to limit expressing our feelings but rather quite the opposite.

It is to remind us that we are among the fortunate few to have found love in this world. This day is just a way of celebrating it in our otherwise busy life. It’s an opportunity to celebrate something we cherish but fail to acknowledge. We take out time to think about gifts with meaning and visit places that hold a special spot in our lives. It’s the day that we realise we have a partner in this world who knows our kinks and corners. Spending a day celebrating our feelings together makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives despite the numerous problems that await us the next day. So what if we get a bit sappy that day? So what if people spread love in excess on that particular day. It is not stopping you from spreading it every day; it just reminds us that we should. With the state of our world, I think that  that excess love will only do good to everyone.



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