Imagination or hunch?


The ecological condition of our planet is not a secret. It is harder and harder to keep the green in the green planet. Thanks to us and our previous generations’ reckless behavior. This is how I imagine the future will be a rather confused, lone tree.


The little boxes rush past me,

As I stand and watch.

Every day and every time, in every direction,

Where do they end up?


What are these little suns that

They carry around in pockets

Is it warm and help them grow?

And goes down to come back tomorrow?


I see men coming towards me,

It’s a different face every day.

They sit and eat and chat out loud,

And then move along their way.


My sun sets now and little men are here,

They run around me, brushing

And shouting with glee,

Oh what fun they are having!


I wait for my regular visitor,

Who sits silently beneath me

Thinking and scribbling,

And talking to me.


The boxes are rushing past again,

With tiny heads and their little suns,

I wonder what they think,

And if they have seen anyone like me?




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