Unwanted premonitions.

The definition of premonition is a feeling of something that is going to happen, usually unpleasant. Studies suggest that everyone, at one time or the other, has a premonition. You don’t control it, it controls you. Some say you can even train yourself to get more and more premonitions. No offence, but i won’t want that to happen to me. Because if I have it, and i wasn’t able to stop it from happening I will beat myself over it. I believe in what is supposed to happen, will happen, one way or the other. And I don’t want to tempt fate to make it more difficult the next time.

Here is my humble attempt at poem writing- it isn’t amazing, but a try nonetheless.

I wake up to sweaty palms,

And a racing heart.

Scramble for my phone,

To comfort my crazy heart.


I dial with my eyes closed,

A number etched in my psyche.

Wait for the monotonous rings to stop,

For the familiar sleepy voice.


The click doesn’t come,

And I snap awake.

A sense of foreboding settles,

As I continue my tries.


I start praying,

Something i haven’t done in a while.

Pray for the voice to say hello,

Or for this to be a freaky dream.


I wake up to sweaty palms,

And a racing heart.

Smile for a while, and see the time

Only to scramble for my phone.





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