Mighty pen

The pen touches the paper

And thoughts pour out,

Some are pleased and

The rest are offended.

Anyone can point a muzzle

And make a fellow bleed,

It takes courage to use words

And make the others see.

The faces behind the veil,

Too cowardly to come out

Here’s a little thought to

Remember before you rejoice

The pen wielder might be gone,

But the wounds will fester

The sword will be held again,

This is not the end.

Recently a journalist was assassinated in India. The perpetrators are still at large. He was gunned down in the middle of a street, because he was a journalist. He had escaped previous attempts on his life. What has the world come to? People are murdered because they write their opinions. This needs to stop. They say pen is mightier than the sword, but the swordsman has a upper hand.


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