Rise again

The days blur together,

Nights remain forever,

Time seems to stop,

Life seems bland.

The sun doesn’t shine,

The moon never smiles,

The wind doesn’t sing,

And neither do you.

Step onto the beach,

Let the salty breeze

And the crashing waves

Wash away your woes.

Step onto the grass,

Let the morning dew

And the little birds

Bring out your joy.

The days will be different,

The nights will end,

The sun will rise again,

The winds will whistle,

Peace will reign

And so will you.

The world is in pain as beloved idols succumb to the might of their mind-depression. The casualties of depression are so high not because of lack of solutions but the lack of acceptance and awareness. Mental health is still misunderstood and taken very lightly in the society. Let the fact that our idols were victims to it burn it into the brains of those who mock it that this is a serious issue.

My dear friend if you feel, even slightly, that depression is digging it’s claws into you then ask for help. There are people who are working to help people cope. And if not, talk to me. I’m not a doctor or a trained person for these situations, but I could be the listening ear or supporting shoulder you might want.

Yours truly

Id- sreelakshmikt97@gmail.com


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