The controversial embrace

Before I begin let me state this, I am an Indian and a proud one at that. We recently celebrated our 72nd independence day. It is a day that brings out patriotism and nationalism in every one of us. But there is one thing that irks me: the rise of intolerance. It’s not a bad thing, obviously, because it has the potential to change a lot of things in the country for the better, provided it is used for things that are beneficial for the country. The recent tide of intolerance has been because of one Indian minister who went to an oath taking ceremony in a neighbouring country because of old personal relations. Could he have avoided the controversy? The answer is yes, by not hugging the army chief there. But if the chief extended an arm of peace, should he have turned his face around? Isn’t that the opposite of what we preach in our nation? What he did was an act of proper behaviour, something we should all learn.

The time and energy people in both the countries invest in shaming the other could be used  in the betterment of the respective countries. How long will we let the hatred between us rule our relations? For how many more years are we going to look over our shoulders waiting for the other to backstab us. Isn’t it time we move ahead and prosper? Yes, even i get angry when they attack our soldiers unethically and i want them to pay for it, but when will it be enough? Isn’t it past time that we move ahead and focus our resources and passion for the country on the actual development of our country? And stop hating people who could have been our brothers in arms if things had been different decades ago. That country was a part of us, it was separated from us, however different it might be today, it started off just like us. And please can we focus our cries of intolerance on issues that actually matter and not on who someone embraced.


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