Drink a bit of yellow

Peter Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated artists of all times. His art has inspired millions of artists and his artwork is appreciated by art connoisseurs all around the world. And yet he became famous after he put a bullet through his chest after a long battle with depression. It always takes a tragedy for our society to understand the depth of the problem behind that tragedy. There are stories of Van Gogh trying to drink yellow paint because he thought that would make him happy.

Today is World suicide prevention day. There are people who would argue that suicide is a personal choice. So is alcoholism, but we don’t put this argument out then do we? Life is an amazing game. You don’t know what next day will bring unless, of course, you are a time traveller. If you are then please take me with you so that we can go to Van Gogh and tell him how important his art is going to be in the future. Maybe then he’ll have a bit of happiness he so craved.

I know it sounds grand coming from a stranger who knows nothing about the situation you are in to say don’t end your life. But believe me, I’ve been on the other end plenty of times to know the darkness that clutches you. But, as cliched as it sounds, there will always be another beautiful morning after this darkness. Van Gogh had a brother who loved him dearly. Even you do. All you have to do is take of the blinders and see. Step out of your circle and look, you’ll see a helping hand. Just hold on. Because drinking the sunlight-like yellow paint won’t make everything brighter. You have to let the sunlight shine on you,reflect off of you and make you warm and happy.


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