Desirable mysteries.

Simplify. That’s what everybody is trying to do now. Be it their life or the mysteries of the universe or daily chores, everybody is trying to simplify. And as soon as one gets a simpler answer, another comes along claiming to find a simpler and better solution. The increasing development in science and technology is the best example of man’s search for simplicity. Is there anything we can’t achieve with a flick of our hand? And if there exist a thing like that, rest assured a simpler solution will be out soon. Some of us go to the shade of religion and its teachings to find a simpler life. But is all this actually making our lives simpler? Technology that claims to have made our lives simpler has made it boring too. Communication, even though a great step for emergency cases, is taken for granted now. My grandparents often remind me of the thrill they used to experience waiting for a letter. Do we ever get that kind of rush now? The teachings of different religions made to make our lives simpler cause disputes and riots every day. Is this a simpler life?


I know what would be simpler. Open minds and loving hearts. A world without disputes about beliefs. A world where we stop trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe. People think mysteries are not desirable. But I think having a little bit of mystery adds colors to life because once a mystery is solved, we move on. So let’s keep a couple of mysteries alive. Let’s not find an easy way out of everything, because like a great mind once said, half the fun is in the journey to the destination and not the end itself. Half the fun is in guessing a way out of the mystery, and not the easiest way out.



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